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Don’t you just hate it when everyone is right!?

Well, when your hobby or life’s passion is going to make you money—won’t you start listening?

Well, I didn’t for years, and that was mistake number one.

Fortunately, I was still gaining extremely valuable professional experiences; building my network, and further developing my skills, abilities and talents.

So, who and when should you start listening?

In business, compliments from your parent, siblings and best friends are one thing—but counsel from your colleagues, clients and mentors is another. Take caution when those at work notice your ability to stand-alone.

So, my little story goes something like this…

I had an entrepreneurial streak in me since I was Pony Girl of our Outsider’s Clubhouse–the youngest, loudest, fastest, feistiest one in the bunch. Always ingeniously thinking, talking and organizing ways to make money so we can have our neighborhood field trips to the amusement park, movies, or just a tiny girly-shopping spree.

Growing up, others recall my ability to master the art of networking at a young age. My elementary school teacher remembers my persuading followers (children and adults) to support any project I devised. Our neighbor recalls never saying “no” because I’d pick up a broom and just start cleaning her garage just to make a buck. And, help an elderly women in need, of course.

So, I landed each job I truly wanted; and at 25 years, I was appointed by my home state capitol’s mayor as the youngest public health official in the country. Working on-call, I had all the luxuries, national travel, high-profile public appearances and academic journal authorship.

Then, whammy!

I left it all, 6 months after my firstborn’s birth.

A strategic thinker, planner and team leader and player, I helped my husband secure $2 million accounts for his international import/export business, I became a top-producing realtor in six-months and had a steady flow of freelance writing assignments.

Then, Bang!

A near-death car accident put my life to a crashing halt!

Having kept a journal since I was 9-years old, I chronicled my successes and was often asked for my tips or tricks to the trade. So, while in bed I wrote my best-selling debut book “Empowering Women to Power Network” in three-days. In promoting its release date, I started my online business to empower women entrepreneurs to take action at http://www.EmpowerWomenNow.com

Then, Bomb!

My newly discovered brain disorder caused me to have partial paralysis in my hands and feet. This time I my life and business was on-hold for nearly a year.

Another mistake was that my business only survived when I was around, which is not a sign of a true business owner. Although my website was running and I had enough residual income to break even; I didn’t have systems in place to assure its existence without me.

So, here I am: Empowered more than ever to lead my team!

In one month, I increased my traffic via my blog, hired a internet marketing specialist, a college intern for administrative help, and on my way to syndicating my W.E. (women entrepreneurs) Ask question and answer column.

So, my entrepreneurial story continues…

Remember: success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

Only a true entrepreneur knows that you work to fill time….not fill time to work.

It’s a luxury only the well-focused, determined, and courageous people go. Investing in your business means investing in you!

So dream big, give of yourself, and build your passion into a business. Stay focused, build a team, follow a mentor or mentors, rest, relax and enjoy!

Ponn M. Sabra, also known as The Women Entrepreneur or Women’s Empowerment Queen, has been a work-at-home women entrepreneur since 2000, and I was the nation’s youngest appointed public health official in the United States while working for the Hartford Health Department from 1998 – 2001, profiled in Who’s Who of America®, and Who’s Who of American Women® and Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders(R) (2004 – present). A homeschooling work-at-home mom of three with partial paralysis, Ponn is the best-selling author of “Empowering Women to Power Network” who finds time to empower women entrepreneurs to action at time http://www.EmpowerWomenNow.com


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